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Millennium Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England

To rob Peter to pay Paul. Though the term had probably existed before, legend has it that the phrase alludes to an event in mid-16th century England in which the abbey church of Saint Peter, Westminster was dissolved, and a few years after that many of its assets were expropriated for repairs to Saint Paul's Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London. Its dome, framed by the spires of Wren's City churches, has dominated the skyline for over 300 years.

The Millennium Bridge, officially known as the London Millennium Footbridge, is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, England. It initially opened in June 2000 but Londoners nicknamed the bridge the "Wobbly Bridge" after pedestrians experienced an alarming swaying motion. The bridge was closed later on opening day and and for two years more, modifications were made and it reopened in February 2002. The Bridge is featured in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where the bridge collapses following an attack by Death Eaters.

This is one of my favorite spots in London, as it marries the new with the old. The cathedral is one of the symbols of old London while the aptly named Millennium bridge is perfect for people watching today.

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